Ex-Offender’s Re-Entry Assistance Directory: Public and Private Support Programs for Making It on the Outside

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The ultimate guide to the latest national, state, and local re-entry initiatives and free downloadable training programs! Most ex-offenders need help in making it on the outside. Entering the free world with only the clothes on their back, $50 to $200 in gate money, a few sketchy relationships, unstable housing and employment, they are unprepared for what comes next — costly housing, inconvenient transportation, lack of money and credit, a discriminatory job market, and a highly digitized world requiring Internet access and skills. Saddled with questionable resumes and rap sheets, ex-offenders face numerous rejections that can lead to failed re-entry experiences. What they most urgently need are helping hands and a support system to get them through their first 99 days of re-entry challenges — the focus of this unique directory. Designed to assist ex-offenders and re-entry professionals with critical transition decisions, this directory introduces users to a fascinating re-entry world focused on: Documentation Housing Employment Transportation Food and clothing Health and wellness Mental health Substance abuse Education Parenting Personal finances Life skills Restitution Supervision Tattoo removal
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